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The House Next Door Horror Movie in Hindi Review

The House Next Door Introduction:-

The House Next Door 1The House Next Door is a Indian Tamil language horror movie co-written and directed by milind rau the movie stars siddharth and Andrea Jeremain in lead roles with siddharth also working on the movie as a co producer and a co writer shot simultaneously in the 3 languages as the house next door in Hindi, Gruham in Telugu and Aval in Tamil the movie was released on 3 Nov 2017 to mostly positive review in all languages.

The movie was officially announced by siddharth in june 2016, who reveled that he would work on horror movies alongside actors Andrea Jeremiah to be directed by milind rau, who had earlier made the unreleased kadhal 2 kalyanam. The title of the movie said to be the house next door and the movie was subsequently shot simultaneously in 3 language. The principal photography of the movie commenced in Aug 2016.

The House Next Door Plot:-

The movie opens in 1935 showing a mandur in chinese mother and daughter playing near a well on their state in the himalayas they seem to spend happy moments with each other wit mother begin pregnant the movie then movies to the himalayas in 2016 where a happy couple krishna kanth aka and lakshmi make love recalling memories of the time they met and how their love blossomed they then notice that a new family is moving in to the next house krish is a neurosurgeon who specializes in deep brain stimulation to cure parkinson disease he is close to another doctor Dr prasad who is a psychiatrist.

The two families get along well with jennifer aka jenny who is the eldest daughter having a crush on krish everything goes well when suddenly during a dinner party krish sees jumping in to the near by well informing the family he jamps into the well and saves her although he comes face to face with a ghost in the well lakshmi who is angry at krishna for impulsively jumping into the deep well quarrels with him that night before krish for kisses her declaring that want her and the pair have sex that night her in time during another dinner at krishna house jenny panics after seeing a strange figure and her people in house start noticing strange things the next morning jenny once again not be gain self a ware goes to wards a cliff to jump sarah who follows her slips to wards another cliff but is saved krish.

Four years later krish and lakshmi are showing to be settled in goa jennu long with paul decided to pay the couple as well as their son a visit before going to new york as krish calls for his son rishi the movie ends with the camera panning towards the boy seated the room along with flash backs of lu wei seducing lakshmi while in kerish body slowly revealing rish’s face and focusing on the iris of this eye which splits int o double iris indicating that lu wei has succeeded a son and my even be possessing him.

The House Next Door Actors:-

Siddharth as Dr. krishna kanth

Andrea jeremiah as lakshmi

Ansha angelina victor as jennifer

Atul kulkarni as paul

Suresh as Dr. Prasad

Avinash raghudevan as psychic

Prakash belawadi as father joshua

Bhawana aneja lizzy

Deeraj vaidy as krishna’s friend.

Updated: November 17, 2018 — 7:35 am

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