The Circle of Life, Lion King

lion king
lion king

The Lion King was born with its first film in 1994 and died, was reborn with its second film in 1998 and died, and had a third birth with the creation of this entertaining musical. This trend of the rise and fall of The Lion King can be explained in its first film as, “The Circle of Life.” Now the first film can be seen in the musical, which is located at The Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

The story of The Lion King is something all of us can relate too. The child is born, is guided by a fatherly figure, faces a tragedy, overcomes the problem, and becomes a man, or in Simba’s case, a lion. This story is what this musical follows and is portrayed, not by animated characters, but with performers who act while wearing the giant costume that portrays the lion, the meerkat, or the warthog.

The costumes of all the performers are made in a way that integrates the performer inside the animal they are portraying. Although, some animals are harder to create around a human figure than others, it is difficult to pick out the performer from the animal that is running across the stage.
The musical score alone is enough to buy a ticket. All the songs that were heard through the T.V. and VCR can be heard by the instruments that were meant to play it.

Whether you are just going to see this musical for the fantastic costumes, the great musical score, or just to see your childhood memories come to life, this production is well worth it. Sit back and enjoy “The Circle of Life.”

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