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Suspiria Movie Introduction:-

Suspiria Suspiria is a 2018 supernatural horror movie directed by Luca Guadagnino with a screenplay by David Kajganich, based on Dario Argento’s 1977 movie. It stars Dakota Johnson as an American women who enrolls at a prestigious dance academy in 1977. Berlin that is run by a coven of witches. Tilda Swinton co stars in the movie in 3 roles, including as the company’s lead choreographer and a male psychotherapist who becomes embroiled with the academy. Mia Goth and Chloe Grace Moretz appear in supporting roles as students of the academy, while Angela Winkler, Renee Soutendijk, Ingrid Caven, and sylvie Testud portray the academy matrons. Jessica Harper, the star of the original film, has cameo role.

Suspiria Movie Plot:-

During the German Autumn of 1977, Susie Bannion, an American from a Mennonite family in ohio, is admitted at the markos dance academy in west Berlin. The academy is reeling from the disappearance of a student, Patricia Hingle, who vanished after telling her psychotherapist , Journals left by Patricia in Klemperer’s office detail The Three Mothers, a trio of witches who predate christianity: mater suspiriorum, mater Tenebrarum, and mater Lachrymarum. Klemperer, initially dismissive of Patricia’s claims, become suspicious of the academy after suspicious of the academy after her disappearance.

During rehearsal, a soviet student, Olga, become indignant with the lead choreographer, madame blanc, and storms out of the studio. Olga attempts to leave, but finds herself trapped alone in room lined with mirrors. Blanc meanwhile resumes the rehearsal, during which susie performs an aggressive dance; her movements begin physically inflicting violence on Olga, ravaging her body and damaging her organs and bones. Several of the academy’s matron drag Olga’s mangled body away with large hooks.

Later, the matrons hold an information election for who is to serve as the coven’s new leader. The vote is between madame blanc and helena markos, an aged and grossly disfigured witch who has long controlled the coven, and for whom the academy is named; and for whom the academy named; markos wins the popular vote. Following the vote, miss Griffith, the most sheepish of the matrons, commits suicide.

Susie befriend her classmate sara, and quickly climbs the rank as blanc’s protegee; she upcoming piece, Volk. Meanwhile, sara grows suspicious of the matrons after a meeting with Klemperer and uncovers clandestine hallway in the building where she discovers esoteric relics. Klemperer attends the public performance of Volk. Immediately prior, sara explores a passageway leading into catacombs where she finds a disfigured Patricia. sara attempts to flee, but the matrons manifest holes in the floor that cause her to fall and fracture her leg.

The performance begins without her, but she emerges mid way through the piece, dancing her part with robotic precision on a broken leg; her eyes have changed from brown to the blue, and susie’s blue to brown. The dance ends abruptly when sara collapses in pain. As klemperer exit, he sees sara’s changed eyes and leaves unnerved. Blanc subsequently chastises susie for intervening in the matrons efforts to manipulate sara’s body.

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