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Creature 3D Bollywood Horror Movie

Creature 3D Introduction:-

creature 3dCreature 3D is a 2014 Indian 3D monster bollywood horror movie directed by vikram bhatt. The movie stars Bipasha basu and imran abbas in lead roles. It is produced by bhushan kumar and krishna kumar and co produced by ajay kapoor under the banner of T series in association with BVG movies. The movie is the bollywood debut of pakistani model turned actor imran abbas naqvi. The movie also stars amit tandon and mukul dev in supporting roles. The movie received mixed review from critics.


Creature 3D Plot:-

Ahana opens a hotel in glendale, Himachal pradesh. During the day of the opening party, she meets kunal anand, a novelist, and they become attracted to each other. When a couple and the hotel cook are killed by an unknown creature, kunal decides to help ahana. Romance grows between ahana and kunal and they consummate their relationship. After a few peaceful days, the creature strikes again and wreaks havoc in the hotel; ahana finds herself facing off against a ten feet long creature with the legs and tail of a dinosaur, and the body and head of a human. Professor sadanand scares off the creature with a burning log.

The next morning, the injured guests and hotel staff get evicted by police. The professor explains that the creature is a brahmarakshas, a man eating mutant which is  the result of lord brahma, the hindu god of creation, cursing demons to become such creatures with no salvation, eternally condemned to roam on earth and suffer. Brahmarakshas still lurk in dense forests of India, but their sighting are as relevant as sightings of UFOs. He suggests ahana and kunal to leave if they wish to stay alive. Ahana refuses to leave the hotel, determined to fight back.

Ahana, kunal and the professor are joined in the fight by two cops, Inspector rana and inspector chaubey, but the brahmarakshas kills chaubey. They learn that a sarpanch filed a report of a brahmarakshas sighting a few years back and go to meet him. He tells them that decades ago, a hunter killed a brahmarakshas, and the only person who can help them now is Dr. Moga, the son of the late hunter. Kunal and Ahana set foe shimla to meet the doctor. On the way, knal reveals his true identity as kunal malhotra the chairman of the builder group that compelled Ahana’s father to commit suicide. He tells her that he felt guilty and wanted to apologize. Heartbroken, Ahana breaks up with karan.

Dr. Moga explains that brahmarakshas can be killed by a weapon dipped in the temple pond of the brahma temple in pushkar but is effective only if dipped into the pond on night of kartik purnima. Since kartik Purnima is many days away, Dr. Moga gives Ahana an old rifle with which his father had killed a brahmarakshas. Ahana, the professor, and rana enter the den of the brahmarakshas; Rana and the professor are killed by the beast; and when it tries to attack Ahana, karan saves her. With karan’s help. Ahana manages to kill the creature with the last bullet in the rifle.

Creature 3D Trailer:-

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