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1921 Horror Movies in Hindi:-

1921 - best horror bollywood movies1921 is a 2018 Hindi horror movie Directed and produced by Vikram Bhatt under his lone ranger production banner. it stars Zareen khan and Karan kundra in lead roles and the movie was released on 12 Jan 2018. The movie was declared as Average. and this article is about hindi horror movie directed and produced by vikram bhatt for the indian movie about the mappila uprising.


1921 Movie Cast:-

  • Zareen Khan as Rose
  • Karan Kundra as Ayush
  • Nidhi Chitrakar as Nafisa
  • Angela Krislinzki as Tina
  • Toby Hinson as Mr Brett
  • Sonnia Armstrong as Lilly Lopez
  • Michael Edwards as Richards
  • Vikram Bhatt as Mr. Wadia

1921 Movie Critical Reception:-

1921 Received mostly negative reviews from critics upon its theatrical re;ease.

Devesh Sharana of a film fare gave the movie 2/5 stars and wrote vikram batt has made an unintentionally funny movie and he perhaps to go back to the drawing chat before he takes up horror as a subject on once more.

Reza noorani of times of india gaves the movie 2/5 stars calling it is a slow moving film without any real chills.

Udita Jhunjhunwala gaves the movie 1.5/5 stars ratting. vikram batt adds every horror trope to this ghastly movie but none of the them works.

Shikta sanyal of Koimoi gaves 2/5 stars. and this vikram bhatt movie is a mixed bag with too many losses ends.

Vrvi Parik of gaves the movie 1.5/5 stars. The terrible acting leaves you amused than scared.

Rahul Desai of a Film companion gaves the this movie 1/5 stars saying that it uses the same old tropes of the haunted mansions and incoherent ghost with deafening the sounding effects.

1921 Movie Development:

The official announcement of the movie was announced in Jun 2016 and finally the movie name was said to be 1921.

1921 Movie Casting:

The makers of the movie was decided to the stars Zarine khan as the lead role in the movie of 1921.

1921 Movie Filming:

The principal photography of this movie was commenced in May 2017

1921 Movie Sound and Music:-

The music of 1921 is composed by harish sagne, asad khan and pranit mawal while the lyrics have been penned by shakeel azmi and Requeeb alam.The first track of the movie titled as sunnle zara which is sung by arnab dutta was released on 14th december 2017. The music of the movie was officially released by zee company on 14th december 2017.


  • Aunn Le Zara

Singer:- Arnab Dutta  music:- Harish Sagane  Lyrics:- Shakeel Azmi  Time:-4:37

  • Kuch Iss Tarah

Singer:- Arnab Dutta music:- Harish Sagane  Lyrics:- Shakeel Azmi  Time:-5:48

  • Yaara

Singer:- Arnab Dutta music:- Harish Sagane  Lyrics:- Shakeel Azmi  Time:-6:09

  • Tere Bina

Singer:- Arijit sight music:- Asad khan  Lyrics:- Raqueeb Alam  Time:-4:11

  • Aanewale kal

Singer:- Rahul Jain music:- Harish Sagane  Lyrics:- Shakeel Azmi  Time:-5:12

  • Main Piano Theme

Singer:- Pranit mawale music:- Pranit mawale  Lyrics:- Pranit Mawale  Time:-1:37

  • Crowd Gathering

Singer:- Arnab Dutta music:- Harish Sagane   Lyrics:-Harish Sagane  Time:-1:50

  • Plano Theme

Singer:- Arnab Dutta music:- Harish Sagane    Lyrics:-Harish Sagane  Time:-2:02

  • Yaara Theme

Singer:- Arnab Dutta music:- Harish Sagane  Lyrics:- Shakeel Azmi  Time:-2:04

TOTAL song duration:- 33:30

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